Sunday, January 3, 2016

Where Are the Self-Lacing Running Shoes?: 2015 Year in Review

2015 brought many a mile on trails and roads. Despite the absence of flying cars, self lacing Salomons, and hover boards that actually work like they do in the movies, it was indeed a very good year. I accomplished some pretty big personal goals and learned quite a bit in the process. Rather than type up a long recap, I've decided to share an assortment of pictures I've taken on while on hikes and runs throughout the year. Many of these I've posted to my Instagram account over the past 12 months. Follow along at @UltraRunnerPete. All photos were taken by me with an iPhone 5S, unless otherwise noted. 

The Electrical Box, the Rumble of the Century, can be found on a telephone pole on North Cayuga Street in Ithaca. (In round two, the AC vs. DC smackdown leaves the boxing ring and goes freestyle in a rap battle of epic proportions.)

A frozen overlook above Fall Creek, just off the west side of the Cornell campus. This is along a loop