Friday, May 16, 2014

The Trailhead

Well if I ever see the morning
just like a lizard in the Spring
I'm gonna run out in the meadow
to catch the silence where it sings.

I'm gonna force the Serengeti
to disappear into my eyes
and when I hear your voices calling
I'm gonna turn just inside out.

"I Won't Be Found"
 - The Tallest Man On Earth

Ah, the allure of the outdoors in the springtime. After the longest and roughest upstate New York winter in recent memory, the feeling of summer-like weather is simply indescribable. The area trails are clear of ice and snow, and for the most part, mud-free and very runnable.

Like some runners, I view the sport of running not as exercise and not as a hobby, but as a lifestyle. That is, I don't view it as a chore that must be done to complete some arbitrary goal like training for a specific race or burning X number of calories. Rather, I reward my self by obtaining the sense of accomplishment that comes with a job well done, not to mention the positive physical aspect of chemical reactions in the brain that makes running pleasurable. Lacing up and heading out the door is something I generally look forward to, and as one of my favorite pastimes, I've decided to begin writing about my running experiences.

I've started this blog with the purpose of not only documenting my experiences as a trail runner, but also to provide readers with tips and resources about roaming the trails, pounding the pavement, and just running in general. I hope to see this blog grow and will aim to provide something for runners of all levels, even those that are exclusively "roadies", and to non-runners who are simply trail-curious. I'll make every attempt to update this blog a few times per week, for as long as writing remains enjoyable and doesn't begin to fell like a chore.

Thank you for taking the time to read this initial post. Please feel free to share with a friend or three. Happy trails!

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