Sunday, June 24, 2018

Crescent Trail Self-Supported FKT

So this is what I do on my day off now, when Hayley's at work. The idea was to do a long run someplace I'd never been that I could complete and be home by dinner time. The Crescent Trail in Perinton, NY, just south of Rochester, looked cool so I drove up there for the day. Monday, May 21, called for beautiful weather and I had nothing else planned for the day. I was also feeling well rested two weeks removed from the North Face ECSNY 50 at Bear Mountain, and wanted to get this run in before leaving for vacation in the Outer Banks.

The trail as listed as one of several Fastest Known Times (FKT) on Eric and Sheila Eagan's Trail Methods FKT Regional Zone. Following the site's rules and attempting the FKT was more of an afterthought. The time to beat was 6:51:20, and it seemed reasonable to better that time without running the route at race effort. There are a few different FKT categories listed on the website. I decided on the two-way, self-supported run, meaning I'd run a 35-mile out-and-back route without relying on any outside help. I carried all my own food, water, and gear, aside from a hidden water jug

Monday, June 18, 2018

Seneca7 Snowflakes

When Team Dawn to Dusk crossed the finish line in Geneva at the 2017 Seneca7, it was decided on the spot that we'd make every effort to loop the lake again the following year. Circling an entire Finger Lake in a team van, while one of us is running, and while 300+ other teams are doing the same, has a very unique appeal. The area around the lake is transformed into a whole other world, complete with uniformed weekend warriors, sub-elite road runners, cyclists, hashers, and Ford Windstars adored with team monikers like "7 Fiesty Trash Bags." When registration for the 2018 race opened on Halloween, we were one of the lucky few able to register online before the server crashed and the race filled up in minutes. We were headed back to Geneva.

The Seneca7 is a seven-person road relay that's advertised as 77.7 miles around Seneca Lake, starting and ending on the lake's north shore in Geneva. Each team member runs three legs of various lengths, while the non-running members travel from one checkpoint to the next in a single vehicle. The 330 teams are classified into divisions — Men's, Women's, Mixed, and Cycling. Teams enter their